Monday, January 19, 2009

Post 05 - FINALLY ! The trip report

Okay campers here we go. Finally!! we've had nothing but problems with our internet situation since switching to AT&T. As of this morning, we've now got Time Warner and here's to keeping our fingers crossed with this one. Following are the links to our honeymoon reports broken down by locations and days. It's all right here for the clicking if you want it. Enjoy:

Day 1 & 2 - Santiago, Chile :

Day 3, 4 & 5 - Radiance of the Seas:

Day 6 - Puerto Montt, Chile:

Day 7 & 8 - The Chilean Fjords:

Day 9 - Punta Arenas, Chile:

Day 10 - Ushuaia, Argentina:

Day 11 & 12 - Cape Horn, Chile:

Day 13 & 14 - Puerto Madrynn Argentina:

Day 15 - Punta del Este, Uruguay:

Day 16 - Montevideo, Uruguay:

Day 17 thru 20 - Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Day 21, 22 &23 - Mendoza, Argentina:

Day 24 and beyond - Going Home / Epilogue:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Post 04 - We're back, alive and fine. No kidnapping incidences.

Hello boys and girls, We're back!! First off, a big thank you to Savannah for passing along our message with all the personality befitting her heritage. We knew we could count on you.

At last count we've got over 1100 pictures of our adventure. It was obviously the AT&T "global" connection that failed us and not the computer. However, as you will learn (if you are interested) that was only the beginning of things gone awry. But we had an unforgettable time and would go back next month if we could.

We will post a few of our pictures in telling our story but will look for another venue to display the bulk of them in separate categories. We really do have some incredible shots.

Stay tuned soon.....!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post 03 - Stupid AT&t... shoulda gone with Verizon.. and gotten the network!

Hey Everyone this is Savannah Gardiner, Todd's 2nd oldest and most beautiful daughter!
My Dad e-mailed me and let me know that their AT&T card is not working like they were anticipating, so they will have to blog it all after they return. He passed on the following message that i thought i would share with anyone that follows my dad's life (which is much more interesting than most of ours... well maybe not... anyway)

"We are, however having a wonderful time. Thanksgiving in the Chilean Fjords. Cloudy, but beautiful. Tomorrow cruising through the Straight of Magellan. Monday cruising around Cape Horn. "

They are having the time of their lives but i'm sure they are in no hurry to return to the real world!

I hope you all aren't terribly disappointed. i think we all figured they would be to busy to update us anyway!

Hope all is well! Happy Holidays

Monday, November 17, 2008

Post 02 - Testing panoramic and video

No, we haven't left yet. Yes, here we are posting again. Please allow us to reiterate here that once we're onboard we've only got the times when we're in port or within 3 miles of shore to get posts out on this blog. And we have fun things scheduled in all of those ports so we don't want to have to sit around the ship trying to figure this out then. So today we're trying to see what it takes to get these different mediums uploaded and what the final products look like. Lets start with a panoramic view off of the wine and cigar terrace. In other words, the view from our balcony.

We chose "large" for the size of that picture here and were really hoping for it to be somewhat larger. Really, anything resembling "large" would have been better. Wonder what small looks like.

Wow! Super tiny. Okay, for panoramic pictures we'll go with large.

Now then for one last test for the day. We uploaded this short video just to see what kind of quality we can count on. It's recorded on HD so we're very curious what the finished quality will be like online. We uploaded from the camera to the computer and then again from the computer to the site. It took forever, should be decent. But be warned! It's only a stupid video off the balcony. Expect absolutely no intrinsic or humorous value here. We're saving the big yuks for the real show.

Well, that's the test for now. Time to see what it looks like posted. If we like this, that will probably be all until we start.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 01 - 10 days til departure

Okay folks here we go. We have never tried anything like this before so we are doing a little "trial run" here. It's "T-10", or 10 days til departure and We're just trying to make sure that what we've got in store for this electronic journal can work with our minimal experience. Electronic journal? maybe we should call it our newfangled journal.

Anyway, we've got the AT&T global Internet card and, according to the coverage map, we should get coverage everywhere we are going on this adventure. As long as we are within 3 miles of shore we are supposed to be connected. So we will have to be in or near port in order to get a new post out. Not much time. That's why we're playing with this so soon.

With 10 days left we are both very excited, like 2 kindergartners looking forward to our first trip to Disneyland. We can't wait and time seems to be stretching, taking forever. Even though we will be leaving behind all of our creature comforts like our own beds and our super comfy chairs !.....

We know we will have something to look forward to when we get back. (Okay, got the chairs in there FINALLY. Maybe we can do this.) We are leaving not only our cares behind but also our loved ones. Our youngest family member, Timothy will be in the capable hands of his loving older brother Sean who has promised to put on a mean face and make loud noises in case of trouble while we're away.

So you can see why we're confident that we can just relax, and enjoy each other and anything that comes along on our trip. Webster's definition #3 of honeymoon is "A period of unusual harmony following the establishment of a new relationship" Even though we are working on a relationship of over 5 years, we are anticipating stretching out this "unusual harmony" throughout this trip - come what may!